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should girls always wait for a guy to text them first, or add them first on fb or something like that


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  • the 1st time after uv met him you shud w8 for him to text you..maybe after that you can txt him more freely. I never c a prob with txtin a guy 1st but the very 1st time I let them txt 1st to test if they like me or not. Having said that, you have to do what you feel in ur heart is right, I hate these silly myths that its a guys 'duty' to txt 1st, he could be shy and self conscious and afraid of rejection, if you really like him and wanna txt him...go for it cos you won't know if you don't try, jst leave it a few days not to seem clingy and if he doesn't txt bak its his loss!


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  • OMG wait for the guy to text you first! Always!

    How else will you know if they like you? and believe me, if they like you they will text you asap! not in 2 weeks or whatever.if they text you 2weeks later that's only for a booty call. if they like you they will text you that day or the next day

  • You should wait fo him to txt you first because at our age that's like calling and stuff and back in the day it was always the males place or role to call first. Also that's how you know if he likes you based on how soon he txts after he get your number. But I think the whole fb and all the other internet stuff is okay if you want to add him first.