How do you feel about make out sessions that last for over an hour and it doesn't lead anywhere else?

The first time my boyfriend and I made out for "a while", it was for almost 40 minutes... then the next time it was almost 2 hours and things got pretty heated. I kind of like it (but after a while it's just a tease right?), but we're both virgins and clearly making out for that long would eventually lead to sex but i dont think im ready to have sex yet... although i do enjoy having him so close and against me when we're making out. He's considerate and doesn't push for anything further, and asks if im comfortable to do certain things (ie. taking off my shirt or bra) and if i say no, he's fine with it.

I don't know what to do if we make out again, and it gets heated. The last time, im pretty sure he came or something as there was a dark spot on his sweats. I dont want to lead him on, but making out is fun but I don't know i feel bad that it went on that long. I'm not ready for sex yet.. and we are taking things slow but if we keep this up, i feel like im leading him on.


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  • Each guy is different. I think since you already felt like you've been "going far" that you should just do other things with him that aren't sexual and maybe "take a break" or "lighten up" with that kinda activity. Take your mind off the stress of that until you can think clearly without the sexual tension possibly clouding your judgment.

    • That's true. I am quite happy that he's considerate of my feelings and asks if I'm comfortable with things.. thank you for your input!

    • You're welcome.

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  • Making out should be fun but I know that once you make out that long things can get frisky and you may end up having sex with him. Just tell him u enjoy the play and the touches but not ready for the intercourse, taht when you both are ready to do it will happen naturally no forced.

    Something similar is happening to me. Well I dont have abf but I like this guy very much I met 3 weeks ago during a trip and I think he likes me back. And I do want to kiss and make out the next time I see him I may end feeling turn on more that I am while kissing but I think we have to control that if we could possibly can

    • Thank you! And good luck with your guy ;)

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  • Are you abstaining because of moral or religious reasons?

    • Hmm, I guess moral? He's my first boyfriend, and I'm worried about being used or something. A few of my friends went through that, and i guess it's just a fear lingering in the back of my mind and sleeping with someone i started seeing seems too fast for me.

    • You say that you are not ready for sex. When will you know that you are ready? Are u perhaps scared?

  • Making out is fun


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