A guy recorded his girlfriend giving him, head and showed it to everyone in school. Whos fault is it? And why dont they just break up?

ok so they have been going out for a year and a half now the guy and girl are both 17 and juniors in high schoolafter he showed everyone the video she did not break up with him and she knew what he had done he cheats on her constantly however they have been together for almost 2 years I don't understand is why doesn't he just break up with her if he cheats on her and disrespected her like that.
Could he have done it without her knowing? Guys is that possible?
Why didn't she dump him?
Why are they even together?


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  • Agreed. Dump him asap. Please women please stop doing nude pictures, videos etc. WE LIVE IN THE INTERNET AGE. Don't stop to twitter or facebook when your mad, go on rants about politics, bosses, gf's, bf's. PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYERS ARE LOOKING TO THIN THE HERD DON'T GIVE THEM AN EASY REASON.


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  • I knew a girl who had THE worst boyfriend imaginable. The guy cheated on her and laughed about it - there wasn't a week that went by that she didn't find text messages or pictures of him and other girls. After a while he became verbally and physically abusive.

    The thing was, she was young, pretty, smart and had two beautiful children to think about.

    But what went through HER mind (this may be the case with other women) is that if he cheated on her, she wasn't good enough to satisfy him and therefore other guys. The guy would often tell her no other man would want her. Surprisingly women in this position often feel LUCKY the guy wants to stay with them, even if it is just once in a while. There was also an element of hope, that she could change him or one day he'd miraculously realise he loves her and turn around.

    It took a lot more my friend to leave this guy. Ultimately girls like this have low self esteem and feel the need to clutch onto whatever attachment there is. I definitely agree with you. Once is enough!


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  • Who would wanna watch that? I'd rather watch her get head from him honestly.

  • Yeah, saw it all the time in high school. You will see it after then as well.

  • Go ask them


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