I asked a girl out, but she may be backing out?

I went out with this girl out last week and things seemed to go great. Anyways, I asked her out for tomorrow and she said she would text me if she could go, that was on Tuesday by the way. Anyways, I texted her today and she responded "sorry, but I cannot go to... tomorrow." Should I respond to her text message and if so how? By the way, we never actually used the term date.


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  • Next time plan it a bit more. Tell her what day of the week, time of the day and where the place or better yet places you will be going. That makes her think whether she can commit to such a date or not. If it's a yes great, if not then no worries. Tell ok no big deal catch you later. ON TO THE NEXT! Don't call, text her shit after that. If she's interested enough she should hit you up.


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  • Shit man, this exact thing happened with me and my crush.
    Based on what happened next to me, if you ask her again she'll just keep making excuses, and eventually you'll give up.

  • respond..

    "ok next time, when u r available :-)"

  • Just be like whatever


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