Dealing with annoying girls from country bar who want someone but won't do anything?

there is this country bar i have been to numerous times over the years and have meet a lot of younger women there. its a pretty popular and busy place on weekends so its pretty much endless options in terms of available single younger women there but i can't seem to get a lot of play out of that bar or any dates.

i've made an effort to try and talk to and meet some of the girls i was most interested in so there not like strangers or randoms we have meet and talked there. and these girls strike me as more experienced with dating and sex , they dress very sexy and some are away at school and not living at home. i'm just not sure if its me or they just want my attention and get a kick out of knowing guys there want them but don't really want to do anything about it. and i look younger so the age diff isn't necessary obvivously when i talk to these girls so not sure exactly what i should be doing differently


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  • I think they may be looking for attention. Many people don't go to bars to find honest dates, just mainly to hook-up. I'm not saying that you WON'T find someone there--just that the probability is very slim.

    • I've wondered about that too if they just want attention , I've also noticed a lot of the girls I was meeting also had twitter pages where they also seemed to be looking for attention online but don't seem to have dating profiles online. there is some evidence to indicate that might be one reason. its also more of a party atmosphere and people go for something to do on weekends.

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