Do men like bossy or controlling women or women to wear the pants?

I wonder this. I'm not controlling at all. I'm super nice almodt semi submissive. Laid back and cool. I'm not all crazy about things or what not. I'm not loud or overbearing. Yet no guy is ever interested in me ever. Yet I see men with obnoxious loud abrasive women all the time and women who control them.

Do males these days enjoy being the female or submissive to women? I've also noticed most of these males r subservient to their wife or gf but mean or abusive to other women. I don't get what is going on here. What does this mean

Do men prefer dominant women to nice women?


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  • Seems like controlling nowadays.

  • I would rather the woman decide what we do for dates and stuff and makes convo, but in the bedroom I would rather be dom.


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