Would anyone else just quit talking to someone who told you they don't wanna be in a relationship with anyone right now or just me?

I mean fuck her then I see no point in going after that.


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  • you'd have girlfriend or boyfriend (or whatever gender-pronoun friend) zoned them; you let them believe you liked them as a person, but then revealed you only wanted them if you could have sex with them, and ditched them

    • If your goal is a relationship, why spend limited time, effort, and energy on someone who is uninterested?

    • Because I love him :'(

      (wow, projection.. yeah I know :s )

      you did say in the question 'right now'.. so conceivably they might change their mind at some point in the future?

      Even if it's a definite no, it's pretty rude to just stop talking to them altogether like that. You must have liked them to want to go out with them. So why not be friends with them? I suppose if you were really invested in getting together with them maybe it might be hard to be around them after they said no. But you should say that, not just cut them off completely

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  • Yeah, the right now part doesn't matter, I'm not waiting around in case she changes her mind, that's cray. Then I don't want to hang around with this girl I want but who's off limits, so we ain't gonna be friends either.

    • I'm sensing an mho right here

    • It's just the way it is. I know some people think it's wrong to be like that, I don't give a shit! lol

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  • Exactly, walk away move on...
    If they change their mind, they can find you...
    It is true at times, though percentages say it's a bullshit excuse more often than not

  • If you have nothing in common it's fine. If you have something in common at least you could have something to keep in touch about. I would say use her as a networking tool but at your own convenience because she could have a friend. Unfortunately though it'd also mean she could potentially try using you for attention. I see a lot of girls craving attention these days for all the wrong reasons.

  • y stop? we could b fjust riends basically..


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