So my ex girlfriend broke no contact and sent me this message?

After leaving me for an old boyfriend, and then breaking up with him, and no contact for 3 weeks she says, "You were right about everything, im sorry for hurting you and i hope your doing well. Dont take this as me wanting you back or i still like you, i just felt like you deserved an apology." she's done shit like this before and everytime it ends with her wanting me back. But i dont know, something tells me that the fact she said she doesn't want me back may be the end.


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  • I completely agree with @mslady1993
    Why do you continue to leave your power at her feet where she can walk away from it, step on it, or pick it up whenever she feels like it? Don't you realize there is more for you in life besides dealing with her indecisive bullsh*t? You have a greater purpose than being her boyfriend-not boyfriend.

    The fact that she's even contacting you not only after being a quitter and leaving you, but for ANOTHER MAN, is outright tacky, ugly, and self-absorbed on her part! She left you. She demoted you from her life. She kicked you out of the cozy, comforting, affectionate presence you had so she needs to let you move on without her popping in and out of your life whenever she damn well feels like it. Seriously, don't even give her the satisfaction of knowing that you read her piss poor apology. -_- Ignore the text, block her number, and move on!

    • i already read it, and responded like a fucking idiot..

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    • I know. She keeps coming back and bringing back all my feelings and i just can't help myself. Her kiss, her whole person is so different from anyone else.

    • You are setting yourself up.
      Why don't you just delete and block her from everywhere so that you are forcing yourself to be blocked from her unhealthy habit?

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  • actually i guess she just felt she needed 2 give u an apology and nothing more beyong that.

    • she's apologized before and came back anyways.

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  • Why would you even continue to deal with that? Do you have low self esteem?

    • Because she's my first love and she knows she can manipulate me. I love her, and i feel like i'll never get someone again..

    • But she obviously doesn't care about your feelings, she's using you when she has no one else around. I would of get rid if her from the first time she played me.

    • I know. But i fell in love with her, and im stuck. She won't leave me alone, and she knows it kills me. I just wish i could easily go to another girl, and get some balls..

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