Socialy active bro in desperate need of dating advice? How do you talk to girls/ attract girls in less than a week?

Aight, I'm a very socialy active, funny, fun loving guy who is loved by almost every person in the school, I can't walk a courtyard without getting a high five or a hi from someone, every guy in the school from the preppy athlete to the socialy inept art student is my friend and I am often sought after for my jokes/ takes on things, while I am loved loved and welcomed by every guy, key word there is every GUY!!! Every girl hates me, I've been rejected by every girl I've ever asked out and even when I tried to dance with girls at homecoming they upright refused to even face with me, I don't understand how I'm not liked by any girl if I'm literally embraced by the entire school? I'm going to college soon and the Im going to a very southern tradition deep university (Ole Miss), where the women have sky rocket high expectations out of their men, I have 0 dating experince (not even my first kiss), anyways its my senior prom coming up in a week, and it's my last chance to get dating experince in college, what am I doing wrong? How can I get a date in less then a week? Is it to late? How do you even ask a girl to prom? Thanks for trying to figure out this impossible puzzle.
Well things have reached the boiling point, the girl I asked said yes then later said no and the second girl I asked said no and now is refusing to talk to me, essentially I wasted $75 on a ticket, Im pretty much screwed, I was invited to go with a group but they all have dates, it's all over for dates per day, now it's just a choice of taking the $75 hit and not going or being miser bake and going


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  • Well if your well liked by a lot of people then change up how you look like put a bit more effort or dress like a gangster to attract some attention lol and talk to a girl and try to focus on her because if u just go up to a bunch or girls your going to come off as desperate and a player but smile a lot and crack jokes and do stuff to make u stand out gewd luck:3:) nd just wondering but y a week do u have prom or sumthin?

    • Yep next Saturday

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    • She's smart, funny, cute but also she loves to make jokes and have fun (like me) only thing is I hardly know her

    • Thats fine if u dont know her very well its prom!! But wen ur around them what do they do... do they lean in/back fo they smile , fold their hands, hold eye contact etc

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  • Haha, you sound like a douche. Just kidding bro (am I?) But yes if you ask a girl to prom she might say yes just because it's getting close to prom. If they really wanna go.

    You don't have to be elaborate with asking if it's too much pressure. So just say "would you go to prom with me?"

    • You aren't to far off with that first statement lol, and aight, thanks

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  • How are you approaching them? Usually girls are attracted to the popular guy in high school so honestly I'm surprised that you're having trouble.

    • Well first girl I asked out was by text, so I had that one coming, the second one I asked out in a note that read "Be a Smartie and go to prom with me." only I tead of the word smartie it was a smartie candy, then I asked out the first one again face to face and she said no, then the third one I asked to go to Disney with me but she said no

    • Whaaaa? She said no to DISNEY? Dang. These girls. Well, I know most girls prefer to be asked out in person (which I think you understand), but I would've thought the Smartie thing was funny haha Did they give you a reason at all?

    • Nope, either a ignore me as much as they can, or the whole "Your perfect!! But not for me!!" Crap

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  • l;ess thn a week?

    ONLY if the girl likes u back basially

  • Maybe you're coming on strong? Maybe you act like a tool? Maybe you're riding too much on dudes acting like they're your friend?

    Who knows, man.

    • I would say tool, but I have to much hunor to be a tool, as for the whole acting but, I often think that myself but they approach me so that's why I said that, as for the coming on to strong part, how do you not do that?

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