Girls - how should a guy at the gym approach you?

Suppose there was a guy you liked. How do you wish he approached you at the gym?


Most Helpful Girl

  • The same way other guys have previously done so at the gym: linger, make eye contact, say hi or bye in passing like you're regulars, do this a few times then initiate the convo as she's leaving or arriving usually. never in the middle of a workout or when she has headphones in. if she's working out walk by maybe and smile.. that'll give her a hint.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Introduce yourself, get to know her bruh. Don't over think it, be confident.

    It is funny to approach girls, you can just feel the eyes of betas that would love to approach but can't.

    Good luck!


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  • Don't worry about what girls think. Use my approach. It works best.

    • without an avi, chances are you're just another basement dweller.

    • I have posted my Instagram on this bitch like 100 times. Lol. Dude you wouldn't say fuck to me in person.

  • You don't lol the gym is for working out

    • Nah, I beg to differ, man.

      Although, these were the gym attendant (blonde) and her friend (brunette) sitting at the front desk.

      They eyeballed me as I grabbed my keys and sanitized my hands.

      Lol, I punk'd out, though and only responded with a, "good night, girls" as they told me to have a "good night" myself.

    • down vote dude, gym is a GREAT, great place to meet others.

    • Well you don't have to tell me just do it lol

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