What am I missing?

So i finally started talking to this guy that was my "eye candy" back my freshman year (4yrs ago), I'm 18 and he's 20 now.
We were texting everyday, communicated well and deep convos, and one day he just poured how he felt and then we both made it clear about our feelings.
He began to text me less, but still with that enthusiasm he had in the beginning.
Then out of the blue he asks me out with him and 2 of his buddies tagging along and i got shot gun. He still treated me the same, funny, charming, he paid for my stuff even when i offered to pay. His friends were cool, there was no awkwardness. We had been drinking at a lake, all of us just talking. Then i ask him to walk me to the restrooms cause it was far and dark and i was kinda buzzed. Something happnd between us if u get me. We walked back holding hands like nothing. About a week after he becomes more distant. And texting is rare. We hit it off good, so i thought now I'm just hurt and confused or just stupid..
Its not the first I've been used and i usually get over it like nothing but this time it got me good..
What am i missing? I need advice. I don't want to lose him jst yet..


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  • What happened? He raped you up the butt? =D


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