Girls have you ever reached out to a guy, that you cut off before because you felt lonely?

I'm feeling a little lonely, even though I'm in a relationship. my boyfriend never listens to me, he gets upset throughtout the day for no reason (I studied all night, then I came down stairs to give him a kiss and he was upest) I asked him what was wrong numerous times and he just ignored me. Anyways now I'm thinking about reaching out to this one guy that I cut off before. Should I?
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  • Yeah I would. If he won't make time for you he doesn't really deserve you.


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  • You shouldn't be in your relationship because your needs aren't being met.

    You shouldn't reach out to a guy that cares more for you than you do for him. There's a reason you didn't date him, that won't change. It's wrong to lead him on like that.

    I'm speaking from experience. I broke a guys heart twice. I thought I'd give it another chance because the guy I was with didn't make me happy. Even though he paid attention to me I didn't feel chemistry or something. I will always feel guilty for doing that to him.


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  • Nope! He has reached out to me, and I've told him to fuck off, even though I did/do miss him! It only shows your weakness just leave it, go listen to some music or read a book or something.

  • I have but I feel bad about doing it


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