Help with this guy I met that I like and want to date but he said we need to back off and just be friends?

so this guy i met and like we were hanging out for a few days we kissed and made out a little well he told me that he wasn't over his ex but he still wants to be friends i played it all cool and was all yeah if that is what you want then i am game when really i was kind of dying inside i do want to date him so bad but i also want to get to know him and the friend card is fine for me as long as i don't have to deal with him getting a girlfriend like i said i want to date him and thanks to the wonderful world of snapchat i know he still views my stories would it help my case to try and make him jealous i mean it is almost summer would me posting pictures of me looking like i am about to go out or on a date and like do a little caption about how i have a date help me make him jealous and be all okay i do want to grab on to her and keep her to myself and if so how long should i wait before i do so i mean we werent dating and we had just met what can i do to get to know him and to get him to see me as him wanting to be in a relationship with me i know this sounds crazy and stupid but i just i want him to want me like i want him i know he is attracted to me i mean he wouldn't of made out with him if that was the case and he said he thinks we should just back off and be friends is that like a relationship will never happen code or a we need to get to know each other first code


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  • The answer is simple, he told you he is not over his ex. If that's the case, then you don't need to worry about him going out with another girl while being friends with you.
    If he told u that he just wants to be friends, then accept his wishes and deal with it. It doesn't mean a relationship is out of the question in the future. Just give him time...
    Don't try to make him "jealous" or whatever. That won't work... just give him time to get over his ex and take it from there

  • Advice... Do not play games


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