If I'm out with a friends with benefits , is it okay to hit on other girls?

I have this female friend who I casually sleep with when bored but we've established we won't have anything serious. Not this year any way.
When I go out with her, I get a lot of girls trying to compete with her for attention. I'm actually interested in some of them. I just feel like I'm in a tight spot, as my female friend invited me out, so it just doesn't seem right to hit on other girls who give me every signal to approach/flirt with them.
Although my friend says she has no problem with it, I don't feel like that's the case. What do you all think?


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  • I think it might be a little weird, but then again, i dont know the real situation between the two of you.
    With any kind of casual arrangement, its easy to become geniunely interested in the person, especially with girls and especially if you guys are friends. I think even though she's telling you its okay, you might want to actually sit her down and talk to her seriously about how she feels about you. Its always best to know exactly where each other stand.
    If she honestly is okay with it, i say go for it. But since you may not really know, it could be hurting her feelings. You two aren't in a relationship so i mean, really, you can flirt with whoever... i just think it may be a little awkwar if you're spending time with her and giving that kind of attention to other girls at the same time


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  • If you guys are strictly casual, of course it's fine.

    I mean, if you two are hanging out, don't ditch her out anything. That's rude to do to a friend. But she's not your girlfriend. Flirt away

  • If you feel like your friend has a problem with it then your friend obviously has feelings for you and if you respect her and are a good guy, you have to stop seeing her. She just says she's fine with it because a lot of the time when a girl likes a guy she will pretend she's fine with friends with benefits when in reality she isn't. It's best you stop seeing her because it's gonna cause lots of problems in the long run.


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