Can people be in denial about having feelings for someone?

For example a guy is falling in love with a girl and is develeoping feeling her but he's in denial about it and is making himself believe that he doesn't have feelings for the girl. Does something like this happen to people?


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  • I imagine everyone is different, but I think for a guy it's difficult to do. We're expected to initiate, so if there are strong feelings, they tend to build until we work up the courage to do something about them and ask you out, or until you make it clear you're not interested. I have trouble containing my feelings until I know they won't be reciprocated.

    That's why, as harsh as it seems, in my opinion if I'm flirting or asking a girl out, it's better for a girl who is not interested in me to make it clear she is not, even at the risk of hurting my feelings. Trying to be too nice is unhelpful.


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  • Absolutely. I usually push any sort of feeling I have for guys I can't have away as quick as I can.

    • awww thanks for your answer. So when you start really liking a guy, you do everything to get rid of that feeling? is it because of past hurts?

    • I usually just stop talking to the person... like I'll avoid them if I can.
      And I do it because I am afraid of getting hurt... who wants to have forbidden feelings? #Fuck. That. Shit.

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  • Yes it happens.. A guy once told me he's flirting with girls to fade away his feelings for another girl..


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