He ask me out and than lost his interest?

I've been texting whith this guy for a while. We always say each other hello when we met in the hallway and ti was going pretty well. He ask me out and I've agreed. Than he completely stopped texting me. We still met each other and say hello but... I've expected that he'll tell me something like:,, Hey! R U free on Friday evening? Let's see a movie! So at 8 pm in front of the cinema?" but he doesn't and I don't know why. 14 days after he asked me I texted him: ,, So when do you wanna go out?". He anwsers that on nearest principals holiday (they were like a week after). I said OK I'm looking forward to it! It was evening before holiday and he wasn't texting or calling nothing... So 've decided to ask him again It started to be quite anoying. And he anwsers: ,, I really don't know". I replyed: ,, Do you really wanna go out with me? It seems to me that you quite don't. PS: happy birthday (he has birthday that day)." He didn't reply yet and I don't know what to think... :( Do I push to hard on him? Is he just nervous or lose his interest?


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  • I hate to break it to you but this is a red flag that comes up with many guys. Do you talk and hang out in person? If you want to know if he's interested, that's probably the best thing to do, but to me it sounds like you two don't talk much in person.

    But from what you've told me - it sounds like he isn't interested. I can't point fingers but maybe he's found someone else? Give him a call and ask him straight up.

    • We just meet sometimes in the hallways. And well HE asks ME out not oposite. So that's why this is so weird to me. I've already asked him stright up if he really wanted to go. Still waiting for his anwser...

    • Oh right. Move on from him then, could be my best advice. Seems like he is messing you around.

    • You're probably right :) :) Thanks :)

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