He said I should call him if another guy flirts with me. Why?

I went on a date the other day and I ended up kissing the guy at the end of the night. Afterwards we were talking and laughing. I told him a funny story about how a creepy guy had tried touching my hair the week before. He said that the next time a guy hits on me I should call him. He even later on said that I was beautiful. The other thing is that when I left, I checked my phone and he asked me who it was. I said it was a friend and he said "oh.. that's a bit late for a friend to be texting at this time" (it was 2 am)

Could there have been a particular reason for why he said I should call him next time something like that happened or am I looking too much into it?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I would definitely be aware of that he sounds a little possessive considering you have only been on one date.

    • So you'd say the whole "call me the next time another guy hits on you" isn't a usual comment guys make? Yeah, he did seem a bit too possessive considering it was the first date.

    • @asker well if it was a different issue with a male, say being abusive? Then him saying something like that is a male protecting his female type thing.
      But him saying next time you get male attention to call him is territorial. That's ok if you are In a relationship as it produces trust and a feel of loyalty between you both but on a first date to say that feels like a major red flag to me. O. O

What Girls Said 1

  • One date and he's showing signs of being very jealous and controlling. I'd suggest taking things very very slowly and figuring him out before getting more involved. Also always make sure he knows exactly where you stand dating wise. If he starts to think one thing and you another then these issues of jealousy may get blown out of proportion. Take it slow. Be upfront and honest. Don't start changing how you live to make him happy.


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