Should I call him for the BBQ party?

I met him at a club and he approached me and he wanted to take me out for dinner. but we ended up in bed on t he first day . I did receive a message the next day saying..hey it was good to meet you last night! sorry I was little drunk. I hope to see you again soon."

I responded the same. On Saturday I texted him. how is he doing. He called me late night and I was in a party but he said he will join but will be pretty late if tat was ok. then he couldn't make it and then messaged me again that /hey sorry I didn't get to see you last night . hope you had a great time. Perhaps we can catch up next week or weekend.

I haven't received any calls yet. its been a week after this message. Now I have a BBQ party this weekend and am wondering if I should invite him.


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  • Nah, at this point he would be a year late. :)

    Real life can be hectic, I would have invited and see what happens.


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