Shall I still make a effort with this guy or leave him be?

Been seeing this guy and everything Was perfect got on well and we were heading towards a relationship. To cut the story short I saw him last weekend and his behaviour slightly changes, he said he wa feeling down and depressed and was being very hot and cold with me. He said it was nothing to do with me and that he was feeling very self conscious ( used to be quite overweight) I said to him that this doesn't bother me and that I like everything about him already. Anyway since then he had been less talktative over text and i have to always instigate the conversation, he does respond and still call me babe etc and leaves kisses but compared to how attentive he was before it seems like something's changed. I've tried to be supportive and help him to see what is getting him down and he has said money problems and that he feels self conscious. I spoke to him on the phone last night to see if he still wants to carry on seeing me or whether to leave it, he said he still cares and likes me but doesn't know what has changed and thinks it's to do with him. He said that we can try and talk every evening to see if things go back to normal but I don't know whether that will change things because he's so hot and cold. Shall I let him be and leave it or carry on and see how it goes?


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  • Be careful if you guys decide to make it work, because having expectations leads to disappointment and a heartbreak. But if you strongly feel you guys will work, hold that faith. It's better to know u did everything u could than to know u gave up and think what if? Good luck, hope it helpd.

    • Yeah I guess so it's just I don't want to now chasing him if he doesn't feel the same, there's only so long I'll wait if you get me? I'd rather him just tell me honestly what he wants rather than being so indecisive

    • Yea and that's right, do what you think is best for you😊. If he's not sincerely feeling it you deserve every right to know

  • Leave him be for now. Sounds like he isn't ready for anything at the moment.

    • Would you keep contacting him or just stop contacting him all together?

    • I'd cut off contact, personally, but that's ultimately up to you.

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