Have you ever made it out of the friendzone?

Have you ever managed to make it out of the friendzone and end up dating that person? How long did you like them before you managed to escape the zone?
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  • I've never believed there is such a thing as a friend zone.. just a zone of indecision that a little being forward will resolve, quickly, one way or the other.


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What Guys Said 3

  • If by 'making out of friendzone' .. you mean finally date the person who friendzoned you, then my answer is no. I did cut contact with her though, so i am not in her friendzone because i am not her friend now in the first place. Well moving on and finding new people is the correct way rather than sitting, whining and hoping for some miracle to happen.

  • I know a way out that works every time.

    You downgrade your friendship to friendly acquaintance. If continued contact prolongs the pain, then discontinue contact.

  • Not something I need to ever worry considering I understand that men and women can not be friends...


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes. It's simple... GET OVER IT.
    He/she does not want you. They are not interested in you romantically and sexually. They have no desire to experience a certain level of intimacy. So stop being an Eore (Whinny the Pooh reference), stop whining, feeling sorry for yourself, throwing a pity party, and get the eff over it. -_- Move forward. Stop looking back and staying stuck in reverse. When someone doesn't want you, they don't want you.

    • Wow that was unnecessarily rude... I was asking a theoretical question. Plus when I asked this I had more of the thought that like people were friends before starting to like someone and not got friendzoned by someone they liked prior to being friends

    • Sorry to be rude but I'm sick of people on GAG whining about some silly, imaginary friend zone. It's pathetic and it looks premature like they should have been rejected on the playground at least once so they could get it through their mind early on that you simply don't always get who and what you want. That's the way life goes.

    • People don't intentionally 'friend zone' others -_- THEY JUST DON'T WANT THEM. It's sooo simple. Someone is not into you, get over it. Stop repeating some story that they have put you in a friend zone: they just do not want you like that.

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