Girls, I'm stumped on what her real feelings are?, unfortunately I've had to cut it down due to limitations, she may have moved onto another guy?

Right so basically, we immediately became good friends which turned into dating as she wants to settle and be happy, so we started going out doing things together and generally bonding and enjoying each others company this went on for about 2 months all the while flirting, and the odd calls due to no credit on her end with currently being unemployed, so then her life starts getting a little funky i guess you could say, her mum has married someone from another country and visits him in turkey for 2 to 4 weeks at a time leaving her looking after her 3 younger siblings, the house, school the lot, i did find out about a month prior her ex split it off with her too for literally no reason and again her mum seems to drop responsibilities on her to go on holiday for 2 weeks then say i'm stopping a bit longer, on top of been shy and never been complimented and cared for like i did, this has led to her opening up to me like she only has to one of her best friends and her ex, anyway she suffers a little depression by silly family, parents splitting, her mum marrying and sending money she saved up for a dog to her new husband on top of other things, she feels really close to me because i actually listened and helped, kisses cuddles, calls, texts, random walks in the rain etc just to get her through a rough spell and dating of course, she's even said she really likes me, but now this is where its changed as time has gone on were still fine, flirty and such but now all of a sudden the feelings have disappeared on her end pretty much and i am a best friend that she really really doesn't want to lose at all due to what i can only assume is the sheer care, support and help I've gave her to boost her spirits i even made her take up her dreams and see a doctor, even her friend says i'm a one of a kind guy, so i ask what you girls think?

Have i overdone it, underdone it, i just don't understand where things changed and i'm quite hurt to say the least as she does care for me, i'm confused?


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  • You've been a really good friend to her. Just stay by her side and continue doimg what you did cos she really needs you. Maybe there's just too much going on in her life rn. Give her some time she will appreciate it

    • Thank you for the input :)
      i understand I've been good, i don't wanna sound big headed but it's just how i am I've had that much garbage thrown my way i can't stand seeing others down, and she says I've been great, and she doesn't want to lose me like i say, but she just doesn't handle rejection or pain or the likes, I've boosted her confidence greatly it would seem, but she's been hit on by many idiots and thinks because they can't have her you know the types out and about, who don't get what they want so shout abuse, it hits her hard it would seem, but thank you, i'm giving her support and time, my life doesn't revolve around her but i give her help if i can, cheers though :)

    • It could just be me, with having feelings for her and i don't want it to influence me, but now that most of that is out of the way, we haven't fallen out or i haven't upset her i don't think but she just seems really distant from me now, but rings me for silly things like she's in bed and asks me if it's warm outside, says i look like a woman jokingly, but hardly ever responds to me anymore, it usually seems to be me initiating contact, besides the odd phone call, but she's just had an argument with her mother too, and me being caring asked how she was, if she was ok because i know how easy it is to slip into a depressive spell after losing someone to it, she spends a lot and i mean a lot of time at her best friends and goes out with her friends guy friends even though she doesn't really like them, as one usually asks to kiss her repeatedly and such, she's admitted to me she dislikes it, besides the feelings i have and such i couldn't stand losing someone else in that way, i do worry.

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  • I think u have been a really good friend and i personally would really wish to have someone like u in my life. y not just tell her how u feel since u two r really close. maybe her mind is too busy to think of love at the moment. just tell her how u feel

    • Thanks for the opinion, i already have, she's aware of my feelings and it annoys her for not liking me back anymore, she says i'm too good for her, not long into dating, her ex started saying stuff like i'm lonely and such, the usual, so before it got serious as i knew how it affected her despite my feelings i said that i do like her a lot, but ultimately i can't force her, she thought she could give it another try with her ex , then he started dating someone, and with family issues and a lot happening, she's only had one bf and he broke her heart and just broke it off with her out of the blue after Christmas, all she wants it someone there, who she can confide in and to settle down and be happy the usual, i'm the guy she wants others to be like and the only one who likes her looks and personality, but i don't know where the feelings went and we became best friends, she doesn't want to lose me, but now she's back in the dating game, with someone at distance which was an original ex problem.

    • She even says i'm attractive, great personality, always know how to cheer her up with sarcasm or otherwise, i don't mean to be big headed but, she really did like me, and i think it was mixed feelings with her ex and such, as he would chances are probably win, she doesn't regret her time with him, but he said she had a nice personality and looks are a bonus, he never truly appreciated the things she did, there is a lot more, but i just think she's really caught up on him and is trying to fill that hole of comfort and such with someone else even though distance was a real trouble and we live close by, even though that's what i offered too, i just think she doesn't want to risk losing me if anything went wrong, with how I've been for her, but just can't say that, there's many things that make little sense, when thought about, but i try not to let it get to me as that's never a good thing to do with been cheated on before and such it just gets me a little.

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