How to get along with an experienced man?

I like this guy and he is experienced/ I mean experienced because he had been married before but now he is divorced so he knows about relationships. On the other hand Im lack of lets say guy experience. Im not talkoing about just sexual but a way to treat a guy who knows more than me about women and me. I like him and very attracted to him and I want to get to know him better. For some hints I think he likes me back.

For my lack of men experience when we talk for the first time, I had to lie to him a small fib when he bluntly asked me about my relationship history. I had to say a fib beause he won't believe that at my age I do not have man experience and I dont want to look embarrased in front of him cause I like him. I just told me that my last bf was a long time ago and ever since I have not had bf or dating. So in a way what I said sounded like I do have a little of lack experience cause I only had one bf (which was not true of course).

Maybe I just go with the flow not over think things and just keep getting along with him and maybe we could have some chemistry.


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  • Be yourself
    Cause he'll spot any kind of moves you'll do
    And like i say
    "the best way to lie is to tell the truth"
    Oh yeah :D

    • I know but I dont want lets say for him to stop talking to me or have a conversation with him, cause I like him. He alreayd asked me out to the movies. I mean is not that we are going to talk about relationships once again, but in the case again he will bring up the thing. I be embarrased for him to know taht about my so called love life, especially cause Im iin my mid 40;'s and that is not possible at this era. I mean not even him get sso surprised if i tell him that but people always tell me how come at my age I dont have guys experience, what is going with me or if Im way too picky, cause it is not normal and im not that bad looking either. Is the same reason I hate when people ask me why u still single how come. You must have had someone one at least in ur life a bf

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    • Yeah maybe
      But stick to a plan and you'll success
      You know how it goes ;)

    • A plan? hehe

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  • The same as you would with a man who'd never been married.


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