I have one very pissed off girlfriend?

So we were having a few drinks with a group of mutual friends last night at somebodies house. My girlfriend said something cheeky and I jokingly said "right you, get over my knee right now" I never took the look of death as a warning sign and continued to haul her over my knee and spank her 3 or 4 times. I won't lie it was pretty hilarious, and everyone else thought so too but oh no my girlfriend has seriously freaked out and won't speak to me. I'm certain she's over reacting, someone else tell me it's funny?
For yous emplying I'm a rubbish boyfriend, I should probably clarify that I adore my girl, she's perfect and I tell her this often! She has a heart of gold and is absolutely gorgeous, I couldn't ask for anyone better! I wouldn't see her without and I certainly wouldn't see anyone wrong her, we have a good laugh she just dishes out more than she can take!!


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  • That's not funny. Not at all. Insanely disrespectful. I'm shocked you have a girlfriend to be angry at you. I'd have dumped you on the spot. You embarrassed, degraded, sexualized, and assaulted her in front of her peers.

    • If you're not single within the week then your girlfriend is a pathetic excuse for a woman. Honestly.

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    • We're both as bad as each other honestly, she'll give good but doesn't take very well when it's dished back. If it had been someone else she would have laughed her head off. Yeah I probably should have stopped after the comment, but it was supposed to be funny- everyone else laughed I didn't expect her to go in a huff

    • Talking about overreacting

      "If you're not single within the week then your girlfriend is a pathetic excuse for a woman. Honestly."

      Question asker

      I think you need a cooling off period. Give her chance to calm down. The worst thing you can do right now i think is pester her.

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  • Never ever make a joke of your woman infront of everybody even your close friends.. she is your queen and you should act as a king.. Be a man not a boy.

    • We constantly make jokes with each other, it's just what we do. She's my world and she knows that, it was just a silly joke I personally think she's taken way out of proportion

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    • Proposing her? man try your best but she will count your mistakes and will tell you we are over even if she loves you.. your pride preventing you from getting her back.. it's your choice..
      Good luck cause you gonna need it.

    • I still have her, she's not going anywhere. The sooner she's out her huff the better, from everyone's answers I guess I did go too far and I will make it up to her, although I do still think it's pretty hilarious, girls are just such sensitive souls at times

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  • It can be funny from a guys' point of view, but from most woman its humiliating , its like being treated as a dog or your personal slave that you could do to her what ever you wanted to. Most girls take social image as a really important aspect. Basically if you mess with her social image in a bad way you are in for the worst.

  • I wouldve liked it lol it was meant to be fun. Women act all holier than thou but are closet whores smh

    • I'm glad someone here can take a joke!

    • Oh hunny yes I take all kinds of jokes and I havea great sense of humor myself. I'm far from stuck up and acting like I'm better than everyone and everything smh. People need to lighten up seriously

    • I think there's a joke and there's taking a joke too far. Once or twice maybe funny but repeatedly doing it will be embarassing for that person. when having a laugh esp in front of people you need to be careful not to take it too far. Not everyone is as laid back as you, just the way people are wired. @viviansmommy

  • So you started spanking your gf over your knee in front of a bunch of people? And you're wondering why she's upset?


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  • Poor girl. she does not deserve that my girl Hannah says she's most likely really upset and most likely feels very embarrased and humilated and while you may think its funny she won't.

    • She embarrasses me all the time, it was supposed to be funny.

  • Can't say Im surprised


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