Guys, why do you continue to seek answers to a question that is obvious?

It is so fucking annoying how guys are so quick to point and say a girls are so shallow (more than men) yet studies show the opposite plus they get offended when girls assume all guys are same.

I constantly get questions from guys about girls and when I give them an answer, they just want one answer to assume for all girs, but this is not possible! Everytime I girl posts about what she wants in a guy, the comments are always full of shit from guys calling them liars.

1) Not every girl is the same so stop expecting them to be
2) Most girls don't only only care about looks and money.
3) Most women (not all) that want to date guys with money are looking for stability and not to get ripped off. Whether you may be one of those guys or not, on many occasions when a woman dates a poor guy looking for something stable, he ends up living off of her! From personal experience, my mom's ex fiance got the engagement ring in her name and he stole our money (sending it off to his sister and another girl) and left us. We almost ended up homeless.
4) Just because a girl isn't attarcted to you doesn't mean she is a shallow bitch who only wants to date a hot guy.
5) Attraction equals desirability. (Looks, personality, intellect, interests, hormones, etc all play into your attractiveness) Where these aspects rank depend on the person.

Honestly speaking, LOOKS AREN'T A HUGE DEAL. For me, I find a guy's intellect and wityness to be the most attractive. Sure I may or may not think he is goodlooking but getting to know a guy and really connecting with him can make me attracted to him.

STOP ASSUMING ALL GIRLS ARE THE SAME AND ONLY WANT HOT GUYS WHEN YOU YOURSELF ARE PROBABLY A PICKY AS FUCK M'F! Just because a girl rejected you doesn't mean she is a shallow bitch. Yes, there are plenty of girls who are shallow and only care about looks but the same goes for guys. YET, you get mad when girls assume all guys are pricks.
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FYI: I'm not saying that all guys are the same or think this way! I'm addressing the guys that actually do this. I even put in the question that it's silly how guys get mad over girls assuming they're all the same when some do the same. My apologies for not being more specific with my wording to ensure I wasn't generalizing all men.


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  • in my view, very few girls are actually that concerned with looks when it comes to a long-term relationship. And from what I understand, women are fare more interested in long-term relationships than short-term relationships. However, girls are very concerned about looks when it comes to short-term relationships. And, before any relationship to become long-term, it first has to be short-term. So, it's a conundrum.

    That's my guess, anyway...

    • I agree.

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    • I made more mistakes in my entire post, so I think you're covered.

    • sounds smart

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  • Listen, you sound like a really smart girl.

    But assuming that every guy is like that, makes you appear just as stupid as the guys you're really talking about.

    Both genders have their fair share of shallow people.
    Some wisen up as they get older... and a lot of them don't.

    The real problem is, that we let the shallow people take center stage, by giving them the attention and affirmation they constantly crave.
    Forget them... they're not worth your time or energy.

    • I don't assume at all that every guy is like that which is why I stated that it's stupid that a guy would be offended when girls do think all guys are the same when some of them do the same.

    • I know that both genders have shallow people which was a point I was trying to make. I should have been more descriptive with my diction so I wouldn't have come off as generalizing. I agree with you.

    • It never stops. Ever.
      I'm 42, and it's the same shit.

      It's not worth getting riled up about... because you'd be in the red for the rest of your life.

  • i agree, the hawt girls care about a guys looks and the feminists pretend to care about his personality as they can't get a hottie

    • Don't confuse feminist with Feminazi! Also, it's called feminism because it began as a movement to give women what they lacked. Feminism also does work towards equality with men to and has benefited them. Have you ever thought that the reason some things weren't acceptable for men is because women were seen as inferior and by doing something a woman does would make them inferior too. When you eliminate barriers, it helps eliminate roles that men have to uphold.

  • First of all feminism is not about equality, and secondly, women are indeed more shallow than men so what you have said is nothing but ignorant drivel and lies.

  • I want to be an attractive guy that is also nice and caring.

  • You're right, I'm just frustrated because girls don't like me.

  • A couple of years ago I got my nose fixed because it got REKT from rugby at school. The nose is an important feature on the face and although it's a small thing really- having a normal nose vs a busted up one made a big difference overall. The amount of female attention after the operation has been noticeably more, but I'm still the same guy. So from my experience, MOST WOMEN DEFINITELY DO CARE ABOUT LOOKS!
    ALSO: the reaction you get when talking to girls and telling them what you do for a living is also telling, "I'm a student" isn't met with the same enthusiasm as "I finished Uni last year and I'm now a junior doctor". Why? Probably the money.

    • It sounds more assuring bc it symbolizes stability for a future marital partner. They know that you know where you want to go and wouldn't live off of them.

    • More like they know if you're a doctor so you'll have disposable income to spend on entertaining them! As a student you're clearly doing something with your life, but I guess women would rather wait until you actually have your degree and you're in employment eh? lmao

    • And the looks thing, lets drop the BS, the majority of the time looks are what interest you at first then the personality. Sometimes we meet people who we aren't attracted to initially but if we spend time with them and they have a good personality- we see them in a different light and consider them as an option, but probably not if they're massively overweight or something. In any case it's only through the time spent that we see past the looks.

What Girls Said 3

  • 1) Watch for generalizations. You wouldn't want that done to you as evident. Don't do it to them.

    2) I agree with you overall. Especially on here. I never get upset when a guy says that he wants some type of girl and some type of personality.

    I get that's what he wants. But Oh Lordy if a woman posts a picture about the guy that she likes..
    There are many men who seem to get upset and call her shallow. Even when she says she wants a guy with looks and personality, the personality bit keeps being lost in translation.

    I'm not saying all of them do, but a lot of them to where it does seem a bit unfair.

    I don't really care though. I tend to laugh.

    • Yea, I wasn't trying to say all guys think this way; that's why I stated that they shouldn't be mad when women generalize them when they do the same.

  • Because people doubt themselves and always need another opinion. Humans.

  • Maybe they just want confirmation.


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