Is flirting and dating a lot is wrong?

I like to flirt...i flirt v often and date diff guys every week..well this few month I been dating with this same guy and I started to really like him..but then I heard my friend telling him I'm a playgirl that I'm just fooling around because I flirt a lot..-.-so is flirting and dating with various guys is wrong..? and hey I'm single y can't I do flirt and date around?


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  • Flirting a lot can be problematic because it can often give people the wrong impression that there are more feelings involved than you intend there to be. Dating a lot isn't so a huge problem. I mean you're young, you have options available to you and you take them.

    The thing is it doesn't take into account the point when you DO start to want to date just one guy. You've built up a reputation, even if your friend didn't say anything to him if he found out in any way that he may have just been another notch on your belt he'll feel alienated.

    • Haiz..then what kinda hint do I havta show him tht I'm really interested wit him?

    • Actions. Be sincere, Have a meaningful conversation share something about yourself, show him you care about him more than just when it's convenient for you to hang out. Show you have another level to your personality that isn't a player, and obviously, stop dating other guys if you want him to feel special because if your mind is on more than one person it's going to show.

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  • No it's not wrong. If you're single, you're singly. Some people might get their feelings hurt so make sure you don't lead anyone on. You don't have to tell everyone your business, just be vague and ladylike but still don't act as if you are in a relationship with any one person. It's always good never to put all your eggs in one basket. I always thought it was dumb when girls put their everything into a guy they're not even dating. You're supposed to meet a lot of people so you can decide who you want.

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