Oh my gosh should I be talking to this guy?

There's this really shy guy who I've been talking to online for a couple of months now and we've really got to know each other, he tells me a lot about his interests and things like that however in person he's so shy around me. Like, we've actually barely talked in person but I've always caught him looking at me and we smile at eachother. He also likes a lot of my photos on facebook and some of his friends said he likes me.
he has a gal best friend, like, they've been best friends for years and from what I know, there's been no mention of him going out with anybody. I asked people who know him and they've all said that he's never actually had a proper girlfriend before. So I was thinking ah yeah they're probably just friends however he changed his photo to her? Like, just her pulling a funny face? It might be as a joke I'm not sure but I'm a bit worried as i was thinking of asking him if he wanted to grab a coffee some time but I don't know if I should because i don't want to get in the way of anything?
What do you guys think? :'D


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  • Go for it.

    • So you don't think there's anything going on? I mean, I totally would! But oh my goodness, if I got in the way of a couple I'll be like, my apology speech would just be too long to remember!

  • There is something going on, it could be a platonic relationship or romance, but it shouldn't deter you from asking him out. :)

    If indeed there is a romantic relationship between him and this girl the worst that could happen is that he'd reject your offer.

    • Aww I don't know 😂 I mean, I'm gonna be honest I do have a little bit of a crush on him but ohh this is a hard one. They've been buddies for years though so surely if they liked each other, they would've got together sooner? Aw I don't know! 😂

    • Heheh. I hope this one probability will give you courage. If he agrees to go out for coffee ask him about the girl. If he asks why you ask then say what you feel. It's okay to be awkward about it. You can say something like, "I'd feel bad if you guys are actually together. I don't want to be that girl who ruins relationships by taking a guy out for coffee." Which by the way is sarcasm. :D

    • Hahaha aw sounds like a plan 😂 I'll probably just wait until I hear from him next then I'll ask 😂

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