How should I tell this girl I like her?

After much deliberating I'm going to tell her tomorrow, don't know how, don't know when, but I want to make it something she'll really like.

Well for my current situation I can't meet her in person, I don't know her home address to surprise her with flowers, nor does she have Skype, so this is tricky, but I know she'll be open to meeting up when she has attraction to do so, she's got both insecurities and trust issues because of guys who have played her around.

How would you go about this?


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  • i personally wouldn't want a guy popping up at my house to surprise me like that. so you guys just basically talk on the phone? if so then send her a cute text or email.

    • Nor me, personally if especially when I wouldn't be expecting it, it can be rather rude.

      I'll try to work around that, many thanks!

    • you know what would be cute? write a little message or song or whatever you want and use an emoji as a word here and there! that would be adorable

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  • then y don't ask her where she lives? i mean area... not home adress


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