Guys, does he like me?

He's so hot and cold. It's been a bit over 2 months since we've been 'seeing each other'
I hadn't seen him in almost a week, and he had barely messaged me- even ignored one of my messages (he did have a busy week but still..)
Anyway I figured he wasn't into me anymore. I asked if he wanted to hang out to see what he's say. Anyway when I saw him he didn't try to sleep with me even though I said I was keen (we haven't together before), and he suggested going away for a weekend together soon.
So that was 2 nights ago, I messaged him this morning to see what he's up to today (in case we can meet up later) and nothing! Read but no reply.
What's his deal? I don't get it
I mean I'm not looking for a boyfriend but consistency would be nice you know

Anyone else?


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  • Texting is the number 1 relationship breaker. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone personally.

    Might even have a job and he's at the point where he might get fired. A lot can be on a person's mind. It would help him more if you didn't care.

    He's probably also into some other girl, most hot and cold people are linked to that.


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  • It could be a number of things. But It's obvious that he is ignoring you though, It could be he's busy but I highly doubt it by all that you've said. I would be straight forward and ask him why he's not texting and if he doesn't just say its over between you you both.

  • Sorry to break it, but he's probably on the hunt for women, or seeking more then one. Or that's what it sounds like at least.

  • he's is as unsure as you on what he wants

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