What to do if boyfriend doesn't want to hear about any issues?

Currently, I pretend everything is perfect. ALL the time. In the past, I've tried to bring up issues. It didn't matter what the issue was. It didn't matter how I brought up the issue or how nicely I put it. It was always "too stressful" for him. I feel like he can't handle anything outside of happiness (not just in the relationship aspect). Am I wrong for feeling this is just slightly too sensitive? (Normally, I try to be very understanding.) What am I supposed to do? Is there some way to get my frustrations out without telling him? I would really like to make this work.


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  • If you want to make it work sweet you're gonna have to tell him, and make sure he listens..

    Ahh he sounds very frustrating haha.
    But in a partner, they're somewhat of your support system.. you shouldn't have to hide your feelings with them!

    Try and say 'I know this conversation might be a little uncomfortable for you, but this is really important to me...'

    Hope you manage to work it all out!


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  • Wow! You do have a boyfriend but you don't have a relationship.. thats a different story.. im not trying to break you up but you deserve better.. basically he doesn't care about how you feel literally, if he just wants to be happy everyday its fine but if he doesn't support you and give you more love and care at the time you most need it.. better wake up beautiful..

  • Lots of hoes aare into yoga these days

    • Did I say something to offend you, or are you just trolling?

    • No I'm just saying

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  • Then leave him, or try to make it interesting... or fun in some way.
    That's how I get around to my bf.

    If you want a good boyfriend, I find the best way to get that is to be consistently engaging. That way, they can't get lazy. x)


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