She wrote me a letter?

This girl who i meant during the summer and spent two great months together. Moved out the state for life purposes. I told her i liked her before she left, abour 2 weeks in us first meeting each other. She said she liked me too. When she was here she always wanted to be by me, whatever i was doing she wanted to as well. When she left in September we texted each other weekly. I never really called her. She's been going through some things so i sent her a care package. She texted me i can call her whenever i want. Anyways one day she texts me " Just wrote you a letter, you should get it soon.". And that was it. I responded. " Aww thnx, you didn't have too do that. But it's much appreciated :) :) ". She still hasn't responded. Haven't received the letter yet. My question is why couldn't she just text or call me? What could she have wrote?
Pretty well she said im welcome to come visit, some personal things, thanks for hanging out with me this summer, put ♡ ya at the end, thanks for the support. So it was a good letter


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  • Probably thanking you for making her summer, and that she'd like to think of a way for things to work between the two of you.. Maybe !

    A letter is rare nowadays, I think it's sweet of her to do it :)
    I'd love to get letters like that.. They're more precious to keep :)


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