Why do some black girls prefer white guys?

I mean can understand black guys prefering white girls, but why would black girls prefer white guys?


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  • My question is why can you understanding black guys preferring white girls but not vice versa?

    • Because whites are more neotenous/feminine in appearance than blacks, whereas blacks are more robust/masculine in appearance.

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    • Oh okay, that's interesting. What about or depth of voice and that type of thing?

    • A deep voice does sound extremely manly, but again, doesn't make me more attracted.

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  • Literally the only two interracial couples I have never seen in person are white guys with black girls and Asian guys with black girls. So I don't think they like white guys.

    • I sad some. They keep posting questions on here, haven't you seen any?

    • I said in person not what people say on the internet two very different things.

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  • Because they can. Duh

    • That's not a reason why.

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    • Saying someone prefers a particular race implies that the prefer it more than others. Yet they 'can' prefer any given race, but clearly can't prefer every race over every other race - that would just be logically impossible. So the fact that they can prefer a race doesn't cause them to prefer it.

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    • I don't know how to answer that... but race shouldn't matter when you really like some one a whole lot! Why should it? Why can't you be happy with whoever you want be happy with> Life too short and if you find love then go for it and if your like me you just live to love yourself and that it... it easy really mate...

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