Girls, do you agree this dating advice from a girl?


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  • yes and no.
    Looks are important in a sense that they have to be somewhat attractive in your eyes. Can't be butt ugly. Be kinda normal looking.
    No I disagree when she said you'd know within 10 seconds. I wasn't attracted to my current bf when we just met. Looks wise. His personality was amazing and he became beautiful in my eyes. His persistence sure paid off. He knew I wasn't too interested yet too polite to ignore him and he just let his personality shine and Im in awe at the wonderful person he is.


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  • I can't even stand listening to her, but the message is there: "You need to find your potential mate attractive to you." I could have said that in ten seconds and I think you all would have liked my accent a lot better.

    • do you agree her or not. what is your opinion?

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    • what is type?

    • Type: Someone's preference.

  • the thing is that yes looks ARE important. you want to date someone who you will be physically attracted to. everyone's type is different. i've been super attracted to someone and if they have a large nose or something i'll over look it because i'm so attracted to them that it doesn't matter. some flaws are okay and the person won't care but if you're not physically attracted to your partner then thats bad

  • Attraction and connection are important.


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