How long should I wait to ask her out?

There is this girl I have had a crush on since we met who just recently broke up with her boyfriend (about 3 weeks ago), should I just ask her out or should I eait a little longer? We are relatively good friends, and chat on facebook almost every day.


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  • Ensure that she is already feeling okay and support her until she feels better before asking her out! I can tell that you sould treat her right so go for it, but just help her feel better for a while more :) Good luck!

  • I'm not really shure. It depends on the situation. Does she like you and why did she break up with her boyfriend?

    • I dont know why her and her boyfriend broke up, I didn't really want to pry into it too much. As for if she liked me, another I dont know, but im willing to take the chance.

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