She says we're not familiar enough to date yet, what can I do?

I met this girl online through a couple of mutual friends. We've texted each other a bit, gone out with friends a few times. I've also asked her to the movies before, just the two of us.

Yesterday I asked her out again, and this time she asks "ehmm it's not a date, is it?" I said it wasn't, but I asked if it mattered, like what makes a boy-girl going out not a date lol. She replied "it feels weird if it's a date, I don't really know you yet. But if it's an outing I'm in :)"

She seems like a conservative type of girl, that's okay. But how do I get her to open up and be more comfortable going out with me?

Should I focus on texting/chatting with her more than going out? Or do I continue asking her out on outings that are actually dates (but we can't call it that nor do dating stuff). Or should I do both (chat with her more and still ask her out)

Help plz!


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  • Just keep going on outings and chatting. Keep it casual and you are still free to go on outings with others of course. If it happens with her in time then good, if not- well, just keep your options open and your heart out of it until she commits more. And I agree with you - it is a bit weird as I thought the whole point of a date was to get to know someone you dont know well to see if you like them.

    • Yups I agree! A date is just meaning you're trying to see the other person is a fit for a partner but without any promises.

      But I put it down to maybe differences in how we view the term "date", which is well, better to leave it at that. If I tried to explain and justify that it STILL is a date it would backfire on me sooo badly lol.

      I'll try to keep the "outings" casual with her. :) Thanks so much for your feedback!

    • No problem... I agree, best not to argue with her over terminology - let her think whatever she is comfortable with.

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