I have no luck with guys? How to not make my non existent lovelife get to me?

I have so bad luck with guys and its kinda difficult not to think its something im doing wrong.
I was very shy and insecure until i was about 18-19, and until then i haven't really talked to any guys. I have had guy friends, but other then that i got extremely nervous around any guy. When i was around 18-19 i would fool around with guys at clubs (making out with them) and i did see this one guy, but he was a loser to say it like that, and the only reason i was even seeing him was because he was the first guy to really show interest in me in addition to me having extremely low self esteem.

After i moved to go to uni i met this guy, and i thought we were dating. When i think about im not a 100% sure what we did, but i really liked him until he started acting like a douche. And the you have the guys that think im easy, and you have the guys that wants to date me, but i dont find them attractive, and then you have the guys that only want sex from me. And you can't forget the guys i want, but that doesn't want me (dont want to date me at least) ofc

So i dont know what to do, its really diffcult to not think its something im doing or saying that makes so many of the guys only wanting me for sex. I know that guys want sex, and a lot of guys play the "numbers game", but i hate when they drag me into it. because it makes me feel not good enough, in form of dating/girlfriend material.

How to deal with this? I have been working on my self estem and it has gotten way better if you compare it from how it was 2 years ago, but i still have a long way to go. How do i not make my none existent lovelife get to me as much?


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  • From what you have writen above and below, You just need to work on you (yes even more). The reason you're "getting" these kind of guys is that you haaven't discovered what you want in a guy yet. This is difficult because you're nnot in "a good place' with yourself yet.

    • omg... its like you know me! lol... i really dont know what i want from guys... and i feel or i hope that i'll be in a better place after i actually start a course i actually want to study..

    • I've read a LOT (yes, including marriage books even though I'm single). Glad I could help.

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  • I know what your saying. I go through this as well.

    • it REALLY sucks... especially since i have no idea what im doing, or not doing that puts me in this kind of situations... ugh...

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  • maybe try 2 find some hobbies or a job that makes u feel satisfied? :-)

    • im going to uni right now, so i dont think i have time, nor energy to have a job. And i dont really have any hobbies except working out... but im not a good small talker so its not that easy to make friends there... so i get fit, but im still no closer to meeting anyone

  • Just try not to focus on the fact that no one likes you at all. Take up cat herding?

  • I don't know

    • you dont even have a clue?

  • hobbies or a job


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