Why do I feel like I need to talk to him always?

Okay.. so I'm talking about my ex. We started dating on October 15th. then broke up on December 14th b/c of some deep stuff with him lying and other things... We have talked on and off again since then. In January we were together again for a couple of weeks.. then we broke up. then we talked some at the beginning of March. Then stopped for a couple of weeks. at the beginning of April we started talking again. We both said we miss each other. We were each others first for real bf/gf. and I miss him I really do. but sometimes he's a major jerk but when he's nice. He's the nicest person in the world to me. And i want to be with him so bad.. i have tried other relationships in there.. but they just don't work out because my mind always goes back to him. and whenever we do start talking our friends try to get us to stop because my friends hate him and his friends hate me.. but we miss each other. and we were together for about 2.5 weeks. then we broke up b/c he was being a jerk.. and i feel the need to talk to him. and I don't know why? it is a terrible feeling when he doesn't feel it at the same time I do.. what do I do? how do I talk to him without being needy? how do I talk to him without being desperate? and how do I stop him from being a jerk? it hurts like hell froze over when i can't talk to him...


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  • You can't stop anyone from doing anything, don't expect them to change just because you don't like their behaviour :3 and don't wait for them, because you'll be wasting time.

    But to answer your question, you feel the need to talk to him because you miss him and you've grown to have a habit of missing him and talking to him. This is how much you rely on him. If you want it to go away just focus on something else, have fun with your friend :3 do other things and it'll go away. and maybe if you just be yourself and stop thinking about him, someone else will come around.

    Well good luck :)


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