Do I have the right to be upset?

I'm 15 and he's 17 and I made plans with my bf 3 days before so we can hang out cause we don't get to see each other as much. And a day before he told me he was hanging with his friends goin to a club and shit so I told him not to spend all of his money so we can see each other the next day. So he forgot about it until I told him and said sure and Ya we are still meetin up. It's the next day and I texted him a couple of times and no text back. So he texted me around 3 sayin he just woke up and feel like shit. So I told him to stay in bed then. Later on around 9:30 he texted me sayin it was his bad that he didn't see me, and I didn't reply so he texted r u mad and I told him I'm not mad just slightly upset and he asked y. Like seriously we made plans a head of time and he should have known not to get too drunk or at least tell me that he couldn't. I understand hebdidnt feel well but that was because he drank too much but I told him ahead of time that I want to get together and he said sure and everything.
The upsettin part is yesterday it was exactly a month we've been together.
do you guys think I have the right to be upset


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  • yes honey you do. espe

    • sorry, my last comment got cut off. you do have the right to be upset especially if he's drinking and underage. maybe try to tell him your feelings and if he gets mad just wait a couple hours or days before talking to him again. hope this helped

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