Does he or doesn't he? He held my hand and kissed me?

So for a few years now I've been talking to this guy on fb and we decided to met not that long ago, we had an instant connection (keep in mind I quite like him) his quite flirty with me and complements me all the time, anyway the last time i saw him everything went normal aha he drove me home but before I left he told me to give him another hug (I was thinking to myself I just gave you one aha) so as I was about to give him a hug he held my hand and kissed me aha like a full on kiss I totally wasn't expecting it!! I have a feeling he may like me but I'm not 100% sure about it
I would really like to know your opinions...
Thank you xx


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  • he dont like you... he just kissed you bcz you mouth smells good... lol
    ofcourse he likes you. why would he do that if he dont.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Obviously he likes you, girl


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