Will he ever come back and did I do the right thing by asking him to defend me?

Dating since: 4 years.
Age: 19
We have always been madly in love and I didn't love anyone except him ever. But since this year started we started getting distant due to many reasons such as his post at school and all the events he had to arrange. Whenever I felt ignored I just told him on the spot but I ignored as much fights as Icould so that I don't stress him out. We started getting really distant. On the spot we used to be all fine but on texts or call I felt distant. It became too much. I didn't even feel loved for once. He used to reply me saying "okay" all the time. A month back he was like I can't be this way you know how distant we are and I am not what I was before with you and should we and it or not etc? We planned not to and dragged it for a month more. A few days back his best friend who hates me ( we were friends before) she started calling me a BITCH in front of everyone. For no damn reason except her hate for me. I was so angry and my guy laughed at it and didn't respond. As it became too much she wrote it on some group convo that the saddest thing she has ever seen is my guy date me. I got so angry and I told my guy to ask her not to insult me or our relationship like that. We had a severe fight since he said that his best friend didn't insult me and that he can't fight with her. I told him that I didn't ask him to fight etc. And he was like you are giving me stress now and i won't tolerate such behavior again and end it the next time something like this happens. I was like please do it now because I feel insulted. We fought a lot and then we brokeup. Next morning me told me that he hates me and can't live without me at all and asked me to meet him and I was like you still want to meet me after the breakup? He was like I didn't know this was a 100% breakup. Because of all this my feelings have died but I still love him. Hr says he has lost value for everything considering us.


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