Nice guys finish last?

What's up with stereotype all my friends complain and complain about this stuff and I really don't get it. Why do girls apparently go for the "bad" guys


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What Girls Said 1


    Every time I see this question it reminds me of this. But, I love nice guys. Who wants to be with someone who treats them like trash?

    • LMFAO... do I look fat in this dress? Hell yeah you do... but let me speak your language cows goes moooo :( how mean

    • It's funny cause this happens to lots of guys at Mt school girls never admit it which makes it worse

What Guys Said 1

  • It's the misconception that the bad boys is where all the fun is at. The dilution that the bad boy will settle down for them , and only be with them. It a living fairy tail for girls like that and all it does is serve to make all guys look bad , it's sterio typical

    • That makes so much sense

    • What I don't get is how these same girls get all bent out of shape that the miracle of transforming the bad boy in to something else just didn't work out , then berate all guys collectively... Now how does that work again?

    • But what's more mind boggling yet is they will either go back to this guy or get one just like it expecting a different result. If you put your hand on a hot stove guess what? You find that b atch is hot... Guess what next time it's on it's hot too.

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