Choosing between two?

There are two guys. Guy A and B have put me through hell. Guy A and B both say they love me now. Guy A knows about B. B does not know about A. Both are smart, funny, successful men. But that is where the similarities end. Guy A is the guy that has never let me go. Takes my crazy in stride, and forgives me for it. He knows me well. We do argue frequently. But he would be the man I chose.
Guy B. Has thrown me away. When things get tough he is the master of deflection. We hardly argue. But. I feel as though I should give him a chance. Guy B, is currently trying to mold me into the picture of a woman he wants. Looks and fitness wise. But. I'm doubtful he will stick around to see the results. I don't want to hurt or disappoint either males. But. They both want me, for the same reasons. ... I should just go with the morally kinder one. Right? Guy A? Plus. B is a known cheater. But it's been YEARS since thats gone on... I don't know.


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  • Guy A. Its pretty obvious

    • Yes. But did he only admit love because I was confusing in him about someone else and he felt he might loose me?

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    • Well damn. One of the arguments between he and I have always been sorta about that. And lately he's been so distant. Or busy. I don't know. He's overseas. ... But. I don't know. He said b was now his rival. Which is crazy. Of course I'd pick A. He calls me a crazy shrew. And I love it. But he'd never let me actually love him. And now, now he actually wants me to know just how much cares. When that's all I've ever wanted to know.

    • Well then sounds like you've got your mind made up, and i agree with you.

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