Guys what attracts u towards a girl d most?

What should a girl be wearing or how she shud behave to attract ur attention... and make u want her?


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  • sexy, confident, articulate, knows how to flirt/tease, etc., smiles often and is happy/emotionally low maintenance, intelligent, ambitious, fit/active, social and outgoing, and did I already say confident?

    • Hahaha... hv u left nething to say?
      My problem is dat I m vry confident n luk wise also I m gud... so many nice hot guys dont approach me due to thesee attributes... I dont know what hinders dem from approaching me?

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    • Sounds good. But I'm still puzzled why you type out your messages with such poor grammar.

    • Srry about dat...

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  • You don't have to wear any fancy clothes for guys to notice you. Just be yourself.


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  • What attracted me at 20 and what i find attractive now are a world apart. but what comes to mind is no head games and honesty

  • Smile, talk to me, thats it


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