Why are guys always afraid to make the first move with me?

I might be protective and kind of shy which gives them the idea of me being rude. But it always like "she's so sweet but not with me" im never rude to anyone i swear! Its just weird cause they would go like oh i love ur smile, i love bla bla bla and u have such a beautiful personality! Im pretty tall too but when i brag about it people/guys are like it suits you you have the perfect body and legs and soo on! But then there's nothing more..
I do treat guys with limits do they hate that?


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  • "Im pretty tall too " <--- i'm afraid that's the reason basically...

    many guys tend 2 b intimidated by tall girls...:-/

    • I thought so too! But its not like i have anything to do with it! I love my height and its not my problem that they're insecure about it :/ uhgg.

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  • Sometimes you gotta make the first move yourself. Not all guys have the confidence to go up to a girl and make a move. And guys hate getting rejected, or well, everyone does... And its even harder to make a move on a pretty girl, they might think you're way out of their league and think, she's gonna reject me anyways... Maybe you don't show enough interest in them? If you show that you're in any way interested in them, chances that they will make a move is much higher when they see some kind of hope.


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  • What do you mean by "I treat guys with limits"?

    • Like if we're not so close and not dating then i wouldn't go out alone with u.. Im not that friendly cause im shy so they get the message that im pushing them away and putting limits! No dirty talks and there isn't a lot of touching if i dont know them much

    • Girlfriend, I call that having standards.

      As to your original post, it could be a myriad of things. Most likely the shyness is the major factor. Try and come out of your shell a little and it should help.

      Also, don't forget you have the power to ask people out as well.

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