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I have a girl cousin and I love her or I used to bc we've been like bffs since we were kids, we attend the same school but she changes a lot there, and since she came to my school she changed a lot her personality. She's freshmen and I'm junior) when she's around people she' so damn rude and a total super arrogant clingy girl that humiliates people and that's annoying. And I'm more like the kind of elitist classy-preppy girl. But the problem comes when she started denying that I'm her cousin because I didn't invite her to a cocktail party for the reason of Easter but it was only for my generation. I didn't invite anyone else but juniors, even tho I have friends In the whole school and they didn't get mad at me. And she started annoying me even more since I got a crush on a guy and she knew it, and from the very moment I told her, she started flirting with him and now they're a couple, that's ok, but what's not ok is that she flirts with more buys even tho she has a bf!! and this have happened like 6 times, and I'm fucking tired that she flirts with every guy I like like a total whore. But when we're at a family reunion or something she acts likes she loves me. Dude tf is wrong with her? Should I get mad? And also I want to make clear that nobody can mess up with me, she has gone so far and I'm not the kind of girl that lets everyone to walk over her just bc she wants to be "all good" with everyone.


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  • Maybe she's jealous of you and is trying to be like you and/or get out of your shadow. If your older than her and you've known her for so long she probably looks up to you. Even though she may be worse than you in her actions.
    You not inviting her shouldn't matter about her age if your as close as you say, that hurt her feelings that you would exclude her.

    Why don't you hang out with her and ask her why she acts those ways, If you haven't already. if your bonded you should be able to have a real conversation and help guide her on how to act, before you just get mad and shut her down.


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