Does he like me back?

Met this this cute guy off Tinder and it started out as a ONS but now have continued seeing eachoher for a year. We have no label and we're like friends with benefits, and have amazing physical chemistry. During end of October to mid December he randomly stopped talking to me and message me around Christmas. It started off again a little cold, but now it seems like when we hang out we've been getting closer lately. He was never into making out with me and just used the excuse "he's weird like that", but now he just started randomly kissing me. And He always texts me first.

After coming in from doing a bit of groceries together the other night (ingredients to make cookies together). Then he jokingly said he wants a key to my apartment. I was like "haha why" and he said "I'll give you the key to my heart". Was he joking? I asked him if I'll be seeing him next week again he said "maybe, text or call me though". He wants me to contact him this time and said giving him the cookies is sweet of me when he left. Thinking of calling him in a few days…

Totally worried we're getting really close and he doesn't feel the same way! Too scared to ask if he feels the same because I'm the girl and don't want to ruin a good thing. Advice?


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  • This gut is TOTALLY into you. Guys at your age are all idiots and their heads like to pretend that they have no feelings and everything is casual. You started out with fireworks and became intimate on a regular basis. To emphasize or prove that it was just casual, he wouldn't kiss you or act very affectionate. But. . . he started developing feelings and it scared him, so he ran away. Then he started missing you and he grew up enough to at least admit to himself that he has formed an emotional attachment to you. So he came back. You don't want to get hurt so you are playing it cool and he is afraid to openly confess his feelings because he doesn't want to be hurt, either. He is expressing his feelings indirectly by asking for a key and giving you opportunities to confess your feelings for him.

    Since you have a bit more emotional maturity than him, you need to make something happen. The next night he is at your apartment, when he is seated on your sofa, get on his lap, straddling and facing him, and in a sexy, sultry voice, say, "The sex between us is great, but I want us to do something different tonight, something that will take us to a whole 'nother level. I want us to stop hiding and to admit our true feelings for each other. Trust me!"

    That should tell him that it is safe to confess his feelings for you. Trust me, no guy acts this way unless he is falling, or has already fallen, in love.


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