Why can guys always get away with just being confident?

Yeah, I'm not a mysoginist, neither a pickup artist (I had my fair share of adventures, though), but there's something about women that bugs me a lot: why the hell do women ALWAYS fall head over heels over confidence? I mean, why?
I kind of understand why confidence is awesome, it's an indicator of past success, but I'm minimally rational to make decisions and judgements such as "I feel physically attracted to that woman, her confidence is stunning, but wait, confidence isn't everything, and it's not an indicator of a good personality!", but women never make these judgements. If a guy shows a little confidence (EVEN if it's fake. Sorry women, but you just can't "sense" fake confidence, you're not those superhumans you claim to be.), he has already won the battle!
I'm lucky I found an intelligent woman who is rational enough to dig deeper than physical attraction (I played the confidence trap on her), but I still maintain the same view, except for her.

And please, whatever you do, don't enter in denial or call me a arrogant douchebag or say that "not all women are like that". 99% of women always fall head over heels over confidence. And yeah, you're always strong and rational in a theoretical situation, but when pish comes to shove, you're all the same irrational, instinct-driven animals.


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  • Because a guy who has confidence shows that he isn't afraid of failing and to me that's sexy asf!!!

    • (I'm squaring off insecure guys)
      I understand that confidence is sexy, but all that it takes to date you is physical attraction? You even ignore obvious signs of a terrible partner just because the guy is hot (with confidence)? Damn, I wish girls were as easy as you xDD

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    • Yeah most girl do just fall for guys who have confidence and good looks but yet he treats them like dirt :)

    • Is it too much to ask for some rationality when choosing a potential partner? Or are all of you emotional wrecks?

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  • Anybody who is confident all the time has a very small plate to work with if you catch my drift. Which does fit the bill for many women who have mostly air for brains. Often, not always, when you've come to the realization that life isn't just black and white... you might finally understand that you can feel confident one day, and not so confident the next. That's being real. Or you might be the type of individual that's always pushing yourself beyond your former self and so you don't necessarily appear confident because you're processing new information... which takes time to master. Doesn't mean you don't have confidence. This planet is for actors and actresses.

    Charles Bukowski — 'The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.'

    • what do you mean, a small plate to work with? i don't catch your drift?

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    • First of all, correction on the quote... it was Bertrand Russell who said something along the lines, "The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt".

      I didn't mean for it to come across as a blanket statement, it's not the case for everyone... however, as a human being, you're not being real with yourself or anybody if you say that you're confident in all things at all times. That's unrealistic. If you are that way, what I'm saying is your brain is likely the size of a walnut. Not much grounds to be confident on. And Asker you can't say that everyone knows that life isn't always black and white and then say 99% of women always fall head over heels over confidence.

    • There it is: life isn't ALWAYS black and white, but there's times when it is! Such as, and I repeat, ALL women fall head over heels over confidence.
      Question is: do women care about a man being real? NO, they don't! Of course there are some things we feel insecure about, and that's completely FINE, but women are too much of an irrational, instinct-driven animal to think like that! They just want an ultra-confident alpha male, regardless of his personality, and that's factual!

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  • women don't ask for much. all confidence is, is the absence of insecurities. that's all women really want in a guy, when it comes down to it.

    • Yeah, at the end of the day, when all is said and done, women are just instinct-driven, irrational animals who can't differentiate physical and emotional attraction. And guys still pay for dating advice when things are trivially easy!

    • you don't understand. girls ARE 'emotionally' attracted to confident guys, because deep down that's all they want. all the annoying things about nice guys that turn women off stem indirectly from lack of confidence. confident guys don't have these traits. and yes, these guys who sign up for dating sites do so because they think getting girls is much harder than it actually is. this in turn makes them insecure because they think they don't have qualities that girls want.

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