What does he mean? I've asked if he wanted to break up or take a break but he always says no.

My bf says he loves me but I don't make him happy. To me that doesn't really make sense. We fight quit a bit lately and he never wants to cuddle or do anything. He said it is because I fight with him so it makes him mad. I've asked if he wanted to break up or take a break but he always says no.


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  • Over time he has lost interest in you and also the relationship. I would give him some time to himself, just to see if he is happier without you. But as of now, it seems as if he is not feeling you right now.
    From my personal experience when guys react this way, they pretty much already have someone in mind.

    • I have asked if he wanted me to move out even or if he wants someone else and he says no to both.

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  • Maybe you should just break up...

    • Sometimes I think that is what's best but it's hard cuz I love him,

    • I get it. but do you see a future in this?

  • Honestly I would say it is time to break up with him regardless of how he feels about it. If you don't make him happy, then what is the point of staying together? That means you're just baggage to him, and you don't deserve to be treated like that. If you fight all the time and he doesn't even want to show any affection, call it quits.

    • I don't know why he wouldn't want to take a break or break up if I was just baggage to him then.

    • Sounds like he just doesn't want to be alone or something. Doesn't make sense to want to be with someone and then say they don't make you happy. There's definitely an ulterior motive.

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