What is wrong with this guy? I thought he liked me again but now he is ignoring me?

This guy and me have been talking for awhile now.. On Thursday everything was fine like we werent mad each other or anything. HE said he would text me in the morning and he did- He text ayeeeee
all i was back was heyy buttt.. you trying to be a gangster.. haha.. We have imessage so i can see if he reads it or not. he never responded to my text it said delivered--SO i was like ok maybe he got his phone taken away or he is busy.. so i waited for him to text me back he never did.. So last night i snap him around midnight saying Hey;)) he opened it around 8am and never responded? Then he posted something on his story too.
Im really sad that he is ignoring me
Like did i do something? Am i annoying him? Should i just leave him alone?


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  • " heyy buttt.. you trying to be a gangster.. haha"<------ i guess he took this in a no good way basically


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  • Leave him be, sounds like he gets more of an ego kick out of keeping you dangling than any real desire to be with you :(

    Don't contact him any more and if he contacts you, I'd ignore him. You don't need guys like this.


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  • He prolly sassed his parents and got his phone taken away. They're probably the ones reading your messages. Wait till u see him before you judge.

  • Hmmm that's weird. He shouldn't have gotten mad about that


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