Why doesn't he invite me over? Whenever it comes up, he says he has a 'delicate living situation' and we've been dating 4 months. Is this a bad sign?

what do i do? he always avoids talking about why he won't invite me over. anytime something comes up about it, he just says "i know i know". I've tried to not make it a big deal and so i don't push it and i've let it go. But, now i feel like we are getting more serious, 4 months in, and i still don't know where he lives because he never invites me over. my friends and I have some theories, but it just doesn't make sense why he can't tell me or include me in that part of his life

1) he still lives with ex/gf or has her stuff there 2
2) lives with parents/at home and is embarassed about it since he's in late 20s
3) he's a hoarder?

how do i approach this? do you think this is weird? what do i do? i know he doesn't want to talk about it, so i don't want to cause a fight over it. i mean i'm happy with our relationship other than this thing, so I don't know what to do...



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  • i know a guy that had a girl living with him for over a year without anybody knowing

    • i don't think this is the case.. it just wouldn't add up for him to have a gf/wife because of his job and the time he spends at my place

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  • mabey he's not ready to invite you over yet


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  • He's probably married


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