Guys who use the push-pull technique- how to beat them at their own game?

I've been confused about a guy I'm seeing and have realised after talking to some guy friends that he's using the push-pull technique.
In my mind it's not only ridiculous but mean. I mean I'm not looking for a boyfriend, I figured we like each other- why can't we just enjoy each other's company and not worry about things like labels etc right now... So there's no reason for him to do this lol
Anyway I'm getting real sick of the games. He even ignored a message I sent yesterday.
Now I want to just either stop seeing & talking to him altogether OR talk to him next time I see him about why he's like this
but hypothetically speaking if I wanted to turn the tables so his little games leave him feeling desprate for me (as opposed to how it's meant to be- the other way around) - how would I do this?
I haven't slept with him yet. Ignoring him? Sleeping with him and not calling? Lol


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  • Ignore him. He's not worth your time and stooping to his level won't teach him a lesson.

    • It's just annoying because there's no reason for him to do it
      Lol I already want to sleep with him and just want something which is chilled
      But it's also mean..

    • Seriously? He treats you like crap and you want to have sex with him? COME ON. Why?

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